Frequently Asked Questions

What is eTutionHub?

eTutionHub.com is an online tuition service for students around the world. We connect students with tutors according to their requirement to assist them in their learning process in school, college etc.

What subjects does eTuitionHub offer?

We offer all subjects science, commerce and arts. The basic idea behind eTutionHub is to connect students looking for tuitions in specific subjects to tutors willing to teach those subjects. We try to be the bridge to connect them.

How do I register as a student?

It is very simple. Visit our website and click on the Register as Student option under the Register tab. Once registered, we will find you a tutor that matches your specifications perfectly and train them before we get them through to you.

What educational boards does eTutionHub support?

We support all Pakistani educational boards including Matric, Fsc, O and A levels, IGCSE, Edexcel as well as other boards whose tutors will be registered with our company. We also prepare students for their SATs and other admission preparation tests.

How do I register as a tutor?

It is very simple. Visit our website and click on the Register as Tutor option under the Register tab. Once registered, we will look for available tuitions that match your area of expertise and once found, we will train you for online teaching before connecting you over to the student.

Is there any tutor trial/training?

Yes, there is a proper procedure through which a tutor has to go through before they can be connected over to a student. The process involves the training through videos and presentations as well as a demo presentations to the eTutionHub staff live on skype.

What payment method does eTutionHub use?

We mostly use online bank transfers and bank deposits as the general medium of cash flow but the mode may change in some specific cases, the respective beneficiaries will be well informed in any such cases. We also support services like moneygram international and western union.

What timing do I take classes on?

We offer classes at times with the mutual consent of both the tutor and the student. The timings can be flexible and can be changed if agreed to by both parties anytime.

What if I am not satisfied with my tutor?

We take special care to ensure quality online tutoring experience for our students. We hold regular feedback sessions to assess and change tutors if needed based on the feedback.

What languages is the tuition normally given in?

The usual language of communication will be English. However, the language may be changed based on the choice of student and agreed to upon by the tutor.

How is the fee structure decided while giving tuitions?

The student decides the fee and we offer eTutionHub-certified tutors the offer, which if they agree to, we connect the student to the tutor. The general trend indicates more experienced tutors demanding a higher fee.

What special software/hardware do I need to be able to teach or learn online?

No specific software or hardware is a requirement for taking online tuitions. The only things necessary are a computer/tablet with Skype installed and an internet connection.

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